Free Artwork! Perfect for a Farmhouse Look.

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I had been renovating my bathroom and I needed something for the wall. I hopped onto and printed off this free artwork…and I love it!

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I spent a lot of money renovating my condo. We had been renting it out for four years and the tenant completely trashed it.

For one thing he had a cat, which he wasn’t supposed to. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, after all I’m an animal lover.

The problem is he didn’t use a kitty litter box. Instead, he put the litter all over the floor and just let the cat go wherever it wanted to. The smell….I can’t even explain it.

Basically everything in the condo needed to be replaced. There was also water damage and mold. This is why I wanted some free artwork. I spent a lot of money on the important stuff.

The bathroom is decorated in a farmhouse style. I wanted something that was simple, so I went with black and white.

I think they look great with the floating shelves I bought from Amazon. They are the perfect size for a small bathroom. You can click here to order the shelves.

Back to my inexpensive project, I already had the black frames so this project cost me $0.

Here they are close up:

If you don’t have black frames you can always pick some up at the thrift store and paint them. It’s a fun DIY project!

Here is the printable artwork:

It just goes to show you don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate!

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