DIY Margarita Gift Basket

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This gift basket is perfect for Cinco de Mayo! Or it’s perfect for anyone who likes margaritas….which is pretty much everyone!

Margarita gift basket DIY

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Everything you need to make a tasty margarita is in this gift basket. There’s tequila, margarita mix, glasses, some fun food snacks, and my favorite part – a mini piñata!!!

I’m going to tell you everything I bought for the basket, and where I bought it.

First up was a trip to the grocery store. That’s where I bought the tequila, margarita mix, margarita salt and limes.

The margarita glasses and the lime squeezer I bought at the dollar store. No need to spend a bunch of money if I don’t have to!

The dollar store by me sometimes has the crinkle cut paper too, but they don’t usually have a wide variety of colors. I had to buy the lime green crinkle cut paper for this gift basket online.

From Amazon I bought the Galvanized Tub, Lime Green Paper Shred, and the Mini Pinata.

Behrens 0GS Galvanized Steel Round Tub, 5 Gallon, 5-Gallon

1/2 LB Crinkle Cut Paper Shred – Lime Green



I also added some snacks which I tried to keep lime flavored. I bought some jerky, salsa and popcorn.

To assemble the gift basket I filled it with the paper shred then added all of the goodies. I also tied some lime green ribbon around the basket.

Overall this is an easy and fun gift basket to make for someone. I have given it to a couple of friends and they loved it. Who doesn’t love a gift basket!?

DIY Margarita Gift Basket

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