DIY Wine Bottle Craft

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I’ve seen so many wine bottle crafts on Pinterest and I decided it was time I do one myself.

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 9

I’m so happy I did because I love how it turned out. This is now my favorite Christmas decoration. Sure, I have some that may be fancier, or from a nice store, but this is one I made. Plus I think it’s super cute!

Hopefully you have some empty wine bottles. If not you could buy some cheap wine and drink it….or dump it out. Whichever you prefer.

You don’t need a whole lot of supplies to tackle this craft. I headed over to Joann’s and bought these goodies:

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 5

I forgot to include what I bought to put in the wine glasses and I also used a glue gun that I already had. I spent $32 and some change at Joann’s.

Side note: I ended up going to Michael’s and buying different letters. The letters from Joann’s were too wide for my wine bottles.

The ribbon and burlap colors I bought were gray and red so I also chose that for my paint colors.

The first thing I did was removed the wine bottle labels. To do this I simply soaked the bottles in warm water for about 10 minutes, then the labels wiped right off. I made sure to let them dry before I painted them.

I painted the wine bottles first. This is the first coat:

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 3

It took 3 coats to get it the way I wanted. I let it dry for one hour in between coats.

Once the wine bottles were painted I did the letters:

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 4

This is a picture of the first letters I painted. It only took two coats for the letters.

Once everything was completely dry I cut the burlap to the size of the bottle.

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 6

Then it was time to use the hot glue gun ready. I plugged it in and let it heat up.

I wrapped one side of the burlap around my wine bottle and and put hot glue on it lengthwise then covered it with the other side of the burlap.

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 7

Once I finished all three wine bottles I let them dry. I grabbed my red glitter ribbon and used it to tie a bow around the neck of each bottle.

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 8

Once that was done I hot glued the letters to the bottles. Then I stuffed the wine bottles with the artificial stems I bought.

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 9

That’s it! Overall it was very easy. Here’s a closeup picture:

DIY Wine Bottle Craft JOY Christmas 2

I think my bow tying skills are a little rusty, but that’s ok. I can work on that. 🙂

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  1. Where did you get the wooden letters? i’ve been looking everywhere for fun script letters, but i keep finding the generic ones or they’re ridiculously priced.

    • I found them at Michael’s. I don’t remember how much they were, but I always use a coupon. 🙂

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