DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

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I love this gift basket! To me, it is the perfect cold weather gift basket. It’s also perfect as a Christmas present.

DIY Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

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This might surprise you but almost everything in this gift basket came from Amazon. I love buying things from Amazon plus I’m a prime member, so as long as it’s “prime” I receive it in two days.

This is a great gift basket for many reasons. For one, most people like hot chocolate. If they don’t like it maybe they have kids. Kids definitely like hot chocolate!

It makes a great gift because it’s not very personalized. If you don’t know the recipient very well, that’s ok. Chances are they will appreciate the thought you put into the present.

Now let’s get to the goodies inside this gift basket. I would say the cornerstone starts with the Ghirardelli Chocolate Cocoa. You can’t have hot chocolate without it!

The next item I ordered was a Hot Chocolate Recipe Book. It’s a fun book with great recipes.

Of course I needed some hot chocolate mugs. I thought these Red Chalkboard Coffee Mugs were perfect. They even come with chalk so you can write on them.

I thought napkins would be a good to put in the gift basket. I found these Red Polka Dot  Napkins that worked well with the coffee mugs.

Another fun bonus that I put in the gift basket were these paper straws Black Paper Striped Straws. Chances are you’re not going to drink hot chocolate out of a paper straw, but I thought they were a cute addition.

So what about the marshmallows!? I didn’t want to just throw a bag of marshmallows in there and call it a day. So I bought these 1.5 oz Hexagon Mini Glass Jars and I put mini marshmallows into two them. Then I put the jars into the coffee mugs. The mini jars come in a 24 pack, which is a lot. It’s perfect if you’re going to make 12 gift baskets, but chances are you’re not. I found that the mini jars are also perfect for storing spices. Plus they come with labels so you can be super organized.

As far as the basket I used it wasn’t anything special. I tend to have baskets that I buy when they are on sale or clearance. I honestly don’t remember where I bought this one from, but any basket will do!

You can buy the crinkle cut paper for the gift basket from Amazon or you can even go to the dollar store.

To assemble the gift basket you simply need to pack the gift basket with the crinkle cut paper, then arrange all of the basket contents to suit your fancy. It’s that easy!

DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Basket


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