DIY Gift Basket for Fido

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If you’re familiar with my blog you know I love making gift baskets. They make a great gift for everyone….including dogs!

DIY dog gift basket dollar store

If you’re not a dog lover, you probably think I’m crazy. If you are a dog lover, you get it.

You might be wondering who you would give this gift basket to? I made it for a friend that had just adopted a dog and she loved it!

Besides the fact that it’s adorable….it showed my friend I was thinking of her and her new pooch.

Gifts don’t have to be just for birthdays and holidays. I think they are more fun to give when somebody isn’t expecting it. Making people happy is a great feeling.

Another good thing about this gift basket is I bought almost everything from the dollar store.

I frequently go to Dollar Tree. I love that place! Believe it or not there is an isle that has pet stuff.

That isle is where I found everything. I bought a dog bowl, tennis ball, leash, a couple of squeaky toys and dog treats. I also bought the crinkle paper from the dollar store.

The one thing I “splurged” on were the Milk Bone dog treats. I picked those up from the grocery store.

I used glue dots to stick everything together, then I wrapped it up in a gift basket bag. I bought the glue dots from a craft store and the gift basket bag I found at Dollar Tree.

It’s not your typical gift basket, but I think it’s pretty awesome!

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