DIY Chalk Paint Gourd

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I love cute and easy DIY projects. This chalk paint gourd is definitely one of them!

DIY chalk paint gourd

I like chalk paint because it is so easy to work with. I have used it many times, mostly to paint furniture.

I have seen on Pinterest that people paint pumpkins with chalk paint and I thought it looked really cute.

I was originally going to buy mini pumpkins, but I couldn’t find them at the store I was at so I bought a bag of gourds. I’m glad I did because I really like all of the different shapes and sizes.

The only challenge I had was because of the odd shapes I only painted half of the gourd at a time. No biggie, it was just one extra step.

The thing I love about chalk paint is you don’t have to prep anything before you use it.

Here is a picture of the gourds I bought:

DIY chalk paint gourd 3

I even like the gourds before they were painted. They are all so colorful and unique.

I put a large garbage bag down on my kitchen table to make sure I didn’t get paint on it. After that it was time to get to work. I painted half of each gourd and let it dry for 1 hour.

DIY chalk paint gourd 4

Then I flipped it over and did the other side, then let it dry. I did two coats on each side.

I picked up some hay looking stuff (it didn’t say exactly what it was on the bag) in the floral section at Joann’s. I put that on a white decorative platter that I had, then added the gourds. I love the way it turned out! I put it on my buffet table, but it would also be great as a centerpiece.

Overall this project was very easy, just a little time consuming because of waiting for it to dry. I think it would also be a fun project to have kids help with.

DIY chalk paint gourd 2

DIY Chalk Paint Gourd

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