Pumpkin Button Art

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I’ve seen a lot of button art floating around Pinterest. That is what inspired me to do this Pumpkin Button Art. I’m so happy I did!

It is one of my favorite DIY projects I’ve ever done. It was also pretty easy.

DIY pumpkin button art

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Some of the tutorials on button art said to sew the buttons onto the fabric. Call me lazy if you want but I didn’t want to do that. 🙂

Instead I used this glue. It worked perfect for gluing the buttons onto the fabric. No need to sew!

Speaking of fabric, I picked up a black and white chevron fabric from Joann’s. I bought a 1/2 yard for less than $6.

I also bought a 12.75×12.75 Inch Shadow Box Frame, Orange Buttons and Brown Buttons.

Once I had all of my supplies it was time to start crafting. The first thing I did was printed off a pumpkin to use as my template.

Once I had my pumpkin printed off I arranged the buttons on it and took a picture.

DIY pumpkin button art 4

Then I started gluing the buttons onto the fabric. I took them off of the paper pumpkin one at a time and glued them onto the fabric, keeping them in the same pattern. I also used the picture I took as a reference.

DIY pumpkin button art 5

DIY pumpkin button art 6

Once I had all of the buttons on I realized it needed more.So I started layering the buttons, still using the glue.

DIY pumpkin button art 2

I think it looked much better after I added more buttons.

After that I cut the fabric to fit in the frame and added it to the shadow box. That’s it! I think my first attempt at button art was a success.

DIY pumpkin button art

This is everything I ordered for this project (besides the fabric):

DIY Art on a Dime(6)

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