DIY Halloween Art

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Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the leaves changing colors, wearing jeans and a sweater and of course, Halloween.

Halloween DIY pumpkin bat 4

I’m all about DIY artwork. Anything I can make by myself that turns out cute makes me like it even more. This DIY Halloween art is easy and it cost me less than $25. Plus they’re super cute and I can use them over and over every Halloween.

The first thing I bought for my Halloween art was washi tape. I knew I was going to make a pumpkin so for that I bought rose gold colored washi tape. For the bat, I bought black and gray washi tape.

I also bought four pieces of scrapbook paper. You need two sheets for each shape. One you place the washi tape onto and the other is your cut out shape that goes over the washi tape.

This is everything that I used for my project:

Halloween DIY pumpkin bat

The picture frames I bought were on sale so they only cost me $15. That was a good deal! Especially considering the larger frame is 11×14 inches.

To get my pumpkin and bat shapes I simply googled the images and printed them off and cut out the shapes.

Once I had the shapes cut out I traced them onto a piece of scrapbook paper. I used an exacto knife to cut out the scrapbook paper.

Here are my shapes cut out of the scrapbook paper:

Halloween DIY pumpkin bat 2

Next I used the washi tape on the other piece of scrapbook paper making sure that once I covered it with the cutout, only the washi tape would show.

Halloween DIY pumpkin bat 3

The last step was to assemble it in the frame. That’s all! For under $25 I had my own DIY Halloween art.

Halloween DIY pumpkin bat 6Halloween DIY pumpkin bat 5Halloween DIY pumpkin bat 4




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