DIY Beer Cake

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I recently made this beer cake for a friend and it was a huge hit! If you’re looking for something to make for a beer lover I highly recommend this.

DIY Beer Cake 3

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First of all, it looks awesome. Second, it’s easy to make. Third, it’s not expensive. That makes this beer cake a winner in my book.

Besides the beer, most of the things for this beer cake I bought at the dollar store. That includes the platter that the beer cake is sitting on, a pilsner glass, 3 bags of nuts and blue crinkle paper.

The plastic platter I bought actually came with 2 for $1. That was perfect because I needed something flat for the second level of the beer cake. I cut out the outer 1 1/2″ from the second platter.

DIY Beer Cake 2

Now it’s time to start assembling the beer cake. The most important thing I used were these glue dots:

They helped stick the beer cans together but they’re also very easy to peel off. 

For the bottom layer of the beer cake I put 9 cans in a circle. I used the glue dots to stick them together. Next I put some glue dots on the top of a few cans and placed the cut out circle platter on it and pressed it down to make sure it stuck to the glue.

For the pilsner glass I put some crinkle paper in the bottom, then put my 3 bags of nuts in it. I put a glue dot on the bottom of the pilsner glass and stuck it to the center of the beer cake.

After that I placed 7 beer cans around the pilsner glass, securing them with the glue dots.

DIY Beer Cake

I thought it could use a little bit more decoration so I used ribbon to wrap around each beer can. I did black ribbon for the top set of beer cans and chevron for the bottom set.

Overall I love the way it turned out! Most importantly my friend did too.

DIY Beer Cake 3

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