Back to School Locker Decor

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One way to get kids excited about going back to school is to decorate their locker! This kind of makes me wish I was a kid again because we didn’t have any of this stuff. I was stuck with just a boring ol’ locker. Kids today have it all!

Some of this stuff I couldn’t believe they actually have, but when I saw some of the lockers decorated at school I saw how cute it really is.

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This Locker Kit is the perfect thing to start decorating their locker.

At first I couldn’t believe this was a thing, but yes, locker carpet is real. And pretty cute too!

Since they have carpet they might as well have a locker chandelier. It’s magnetic and it even lights up.

Organization is always a good thing. Keep folders and books in this daily planner 0rganizer.

They’ll be able to find all of their books and folders with these battery string lights.

This magnetic pencil cup is also great for organization.

This magnetic organizer comes in a set of 3.

This locker kit is one of my personal favorites.

This locker shelf can hold up to 100 pounds!

No locker is complete without a locker mirror.

These magnetic frames are perfect for hanging pictures with their BFF’s.

These magnetic hooks are functional and stylish.

This locker mirror is a little more low key.

I LOVE this locker wallpaper!

How cute is this locker curtain?

These magnets are cute and practical.

This magnetic locker frame is quite stylish.

Just in case their locker gets a little stinky, pick up some air freshener/deodorizer.

My kids don’t even go back to school until after Labor Day, but my daughter is already asking if we can get stuff to decorate her locker. If it helps her get excited for school I’m down with that!

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