DIY Fourth of July Art

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This is a fun craft idea to do yourself, or have your little ones help you!

DIY Fourth of July Art

A while back I saw something on Pinterest that involved doing a cut out of a shape over pieces of yarn. Instead of doing yarn I used washi tape.

I love washi tape because it comes in so many different colors and patterns. I found a red one that had gold stars and a blue one with silver stars. I couldn’t use white because it wouldn’t look good with the white paper I used so instead I used silver.

Here is what I used for this craft project:

DIY Fourth of July Art 5

I also used a metal ruler to help me cut out the stars and two pieces of white scrapbook paper.

For the stars I just googled “star silhouette” and printed off two different sizes. I cut them out and used them as my template.

I took one piece of the white scrapbook paper and drew the stars on it with pencil.

DIY Fourth of July Art 4

I used an exacto knife and metal ruler to cut out the shape of the stars.

DIY Fourth of July Art 3

On the second piece of scrapbook paper I added the washi tape. I just rotated the colors red, silver and blue. I didn’t do the whole paper, just the areas where the stars were going to be.

DIY Fourth of July Art 2

Once all of the washi tape was on I took the star cutout scrapbook paper and placed it over the washi tape paper and put it into my frame.

I used a 9×12 frame so I had to cut the scrapbook paper to fit it in the frame. That’s it! Project done.

This is what it looks like up close:

DIY Fourth of July Art 6

I didn’t hang this up on the wall, instead I placed it on my buffet table with some fruit and other goodies. It was a cute pop of 4th of July fun!

DIY Fourth of July Art

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