DIY Map Coasters

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This is one of my most favorite projects! For one thing it’s easy, but it also has a sentimental value. 

Yes, these are map coasters. I made them as a present for my husband. You might be wondering why I’m so excited about map coasters??

What makes them sentimental is each of the coasters has a map to somewhere my husband and I visited during our first year together.

There is a coaster for Pittsburgh, Jamaica, Toronto and Lake Erie. We had a busy and fun first year together!

To get the maps I just googled the location and printed off the map.

For the coaster base I went to a home improvement store and bought 4×4 inch tiles.

I also bought Mod Podge, a paint brush and felt circles from a craft store.

Once I printed off the map I put the tile over the area of the map I wanted to use and traced around the tile.

DIY Coasters 2

I traced over the map itself because I wanted to make sure I got the exact area I wanted. I used pencil so if I didn’t cut it perfectly I could just erase any pencil marks that were left.

The next step is brushing the Mod Podge onto the top of the tile. While it is still wet add the cut out map. I let it dry for a few minutes so the map wouldn’t move when I added Mod Podge to the paper.

I applied the first coat of Mod Podge, then let it dry for 20 minutes. I did 3 coats all together, letting it dry between each coat.

Once I was done with the Mod Podge I added the felt circles to the back. That’s it!

I gave these coasters to my husband as an anniversary present. He absolutely loved them! He’s a manly man, but also has a sentimental side to him. He loved the thought I put into the gift.

DIY Coasters 5DIY Coasters 3DIY Coasters 4

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