Thrift Store Lamp – From Drab to Fab!

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I love going to the thrift store. There is one so close to my house that it’s dangerous. I could go there every day!

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There are so many treasures to be found at the thrift store. They don’t really look like treasures, but with a little bit of work you can make it one.

Lamps are one of my favorite things to buy from the thrift store. They are cheap there! With a coat of paint and a new lamp shade you can have a treasure for way less money than buying a new one.

There was a lamp from Crate & Barrel that I loved. One thing I didn’t love was the price.

Crate & Barrel Lamp

As much as I liked the lamp I wasn’t about to drop $400 on it. Instead, I let that lamp be my inspiration. What I really liked was the “deep bronze patina finish” of the lamp. So I headed over to Lowes to grab some spray paint.

I used Rust-Oleum Hammered Dark Bronze spray paint. I love the way it turned out!

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. The first thing I actually bought was the lamp. $9.99 from the thrift store.

DIY Thrift Store Lamp 7

Isn’t she pretty!?

The first thing I needed to do was clean the lamp really well. There were a lot of areas that dust could easily collect. Once it was clean I taped up the areas I didn’t want paint getting, mainly the light bulb area and the cord.

Next I took the lamp outside to spray paint it. I laid down some cardboard and put the lamp on it, far away from anything that paint could get on.

DIY Thrift Store Lamp 6

I did the first coat and it covered the lamp really well. I let it dry for 1 hour then added a second coat, just to be safe.

I picked up a new lamp shade from Target for $15. The total cost of this lamp was $30. That’s $370 cheaper than the inspiration lamp!!

I love the way the lamp turned out!

DIY Thrift Store Lamp 2


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