Thrift Store Jewelry Holder

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I have a ton of bracelets. A while back I bought a bracelet holder from 5 Below. It’s simple, but really cute and it sits on my nightstand. The problem is I usually take my bracelets off in my bathroom at the end of the night. 

That means my bracelets start piling up on the counter. So I needed some organization!

I know that when I go to the thrift store there is always a large assortment of clear glass bowls. I thought it would be perfect to grab one and paint it.

I bought the bowl for $1 and I already had the spray paint color I wanted to use. That made it a super cheap project!

This was the bowl before I painted it:

DIY Thrift Store Jewelry 4

The only thing I had to do before I painted it was clean it.

The spray paint I used had paint and primer all in one. I took the bowl outside and did the first coat.

DIY Thrift Store Jewelry 5

I waited 15 minutes (based on the instructions on the paint can) then did a second coat. I let the paint dry for 1 hour, then I flipped it over to paint the inside.

I spray painted the inside of the bowl, then waited 15 minutes before adding the second coat.

I love the way it turned out!

DIY Thrift Store Jewelry

It’s perfect for my bracelets. It looks so much better having my bracelets in the bowl vs. being all over the counter.

I’m thinking about going back to the thrift store to buy a smaller bowl to paint that can hold my earrings. I still have paint left so it would be another super cheap project.

DIY Thrift Store Jewelry 2DIY Thrift Store Jewelry 3 (2)

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