DIY Love Painting

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This is a fun and easy project that I did a while back. When I say it’s easy, I mean it. Mostly because it’s a project for kids. 🙂

Since I’m such a rule breaker I thought I would give this painting a try. The posts that I’ve seen on Pinterest actually say to use your finger to paint this.

As fun as that sounds, I went with a paint brush. I typically like things to be pretty symmetrical so the small paint brush worked great for me.

I made this painting to hang over the bed in my master bedroom.  The colors I chose were turquoise, orange, gray and white.

DIY Finger Print Art

I bought a black canvas instead of white. I thought it looked a little more grown up, plus I didn’t have to paint it.

I did this project a while back so unfortunately I don’t have step by step pictures, but it’s pretty easy. The first thing I did was printed off the letters L-O-V-E. I did one letter per page because they are pretty big.

Next I cut out all of the letters. I figured out exactly where I wanted to place them on my canvas, then I taped them to it. Then it was time to start painting.

First I did the grey and white. I wanted to do the turquoise and orange last for the little pops of color. I used a small paint brush and just dipped it in the paint, then onto the canvas making small circles.

I worked all around the letters, making sure there was no paint under the letters. I waited 30 minutes after each paint color.

DIY Finger Print Art 2

Orange was the last color I used. When I was done I let it dry for 1 hour, then I carefully removed the letters. That’s it! A super easy project thanks to Pinterest.

DIY Finger Print Art 3DIY Love Painting


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