DIY Paint Chip Wall Art

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How exciting that this DIY Paint Chip Wall Art is my first post! It is also one of my favorite projects. 

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We had bought a new house a few years back and I was looking for some DIY art work. I came across this page and fell in love. Paint chips are free, so I would just have to buy a matted picture frame.

I never buy anything from a craft store (JoAnn’s, Michaels, Hobby Lobby) unless it’s on sale or I have a coupon. I picked up my frame for under $20.

I decided I wanted to use something other than paint chips. I went to Etsy and bought some digital scrapbook paper. For under $4 I had all of the colors I wanted for my project and they had a little bit more of a design element to them. I like the plain paint chips that used, I just wanted something a little different.

One thing that I didn’t expect from this project was the amount of time it would take. It was easily a couple of hours. I made my own triangle stencil to make sure that they were all the same size. Lining up all of the triangles is sort of tedious, but that could be because I’m anal.

Overall, I am so happy with the way it turned out. It was definitely worth the time that I put into it. To have a piece of art that I can say I made (and it was under $20) is pretty awesome!

I have to give a big fat THANK YOU to Pinterest and for this project. Without them my wall might still be bare! 🙂

Here is the picture from howaboutorange and a picture of my final project:

Overall I give this project 2 thumbs up! I’m proud of the work I did, it was easy (just took more time than I thought) and inexpensive.

DIY Paint Chip Art

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